4 H Lease Agreement

September 8, 2021

The director and sponsor sign the section on compliance with the lessee`s rules in the project plan and a copy of the signed project plan is sent to the district extension office. Starting in 2019, all rented milks will be required to complete and use the NEW Minnesota 4-H Animal Science Lease Information Information. All completed leasing forms must be filed by May 15. The submission of the forms includes the download in 4HOnline, if it is a new rented milk, or the submission of the form to your local advisory office no later than May 15 for previously identified dairy animals. For more information, check out the 4 H rental resources below or on the 4-H Animal Science Lease Program website: sites.google.com/umn.edu/4-h-animal-science/animal-lease-program parents or legal guardians are not allowed to rent pets to their children.