Tablet Loan Agreement

April 13, 2021

The DfE expects schools to use online and offline resources and to teach videos. If possible, you should consider lending computer equipment so that all your students can learn from home if they need it. A device, charger, case and pen are loaned to the student and are in good condition. It is the student`s responsibility to take care of the equipment and ensure that it is kept in a safe environment. The student recognizes and accepts that his or her use of district property is a privilege and that the student, in agreeing to the conditions, recognizes his own responsibility to protect and protect the district`s property and to restore the same thing in good condition at the request of Columbus Grove Local School. KeyDoc – Equipment Credit Forms for DOC Employees and Students, 161.0 KB Download A Tablet Loan Agreement Template is a form used by the school administration to have a clear agreement with parents of students so that they can assign or issue a device exclusively for learning purposes. The model for tablet credit agreements indicates the conditions of use so that students can be attentive and responsible users of devices/tablets. The devices issued remain the exclusive property of the school, which is governed by its policy, even after the school year. This equipment is and will remain the property of Columbus Grove Local Schools at all times and is therefore only loaned to the student for educational purposes for the school year. The student must not spoil or destroy this quality. Misuse of the machine can cause the student to lose his right to use the device.

The equipment is returned at the request of Columbus Grove Local Schools or earlier if the student withdraws from the local Columbus Grove School before the end of the school year. District property may only be used by students for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with district guidelines and rules, the policy of acceptable use and internet security (Politics 7540.03), as well as local, state and federal laws. You may already be setting your rules for the correct use of devices in your ICT policy for acceptable use. However, you should create a separate agreement for loans so that you have a number of conditions that are quick and easy to read. The Clarence Regional Library now offers a tablet lending service to library members over the age of 18. This tablet lending program was designed to improve digital skills and increase awareness of online library resources in the community. Download our staff and student data sheet form to stay up-to-date on the equipment you`ve borrowed. 1. Students can only install authorized applications on the device.2. Students must keep security apps on the tablet.3.

Do not sell or lend this device. Students may not install or use software other than district-owned software approved by the district and made available to the student in accordance with this receipt and agreement. A user with certain permissions and functions has been configured on the device for the exclusive use of the student to whom it has been assigned. The student agrees not to try to change the permissions and functionality of this account or to allow others. Check your asset registry/inventory to see how many laptops and/or tablets you have.