Field Rickards (1949-) – Life Member 1998

16 January 2017

Field came to APSOC from a rowing background with his great friend the late Tom Yuncken (OM). In 1987, Field took over as Handicapper, a role he has now filled for three decades.

Field has also been responsible for producing the APSOC race results. With the assistance of Cameron McKern, he has taken the results and handicapping systems from their original paper-based form into the computer age. One of Field’s and Cameron’s great innovations in recent seasons has been the instant uploading of the race results to the internet.

In 1988, Field introduced individual handicapper’s awards and has somehow managed to win the “Most Consistent Athlete” three times (1992, 2002 and 2004).

So that he is available to oversee the recording of race results, Field will often run before everyone else arrives at the venue.

Field’s massive contribution to APSOC was recognised with life membership in 1998.

Mark Purvis 2016