Safety Policy

The Associated Public Schools Old Collegians Amateur Athletic Association Inc. provides competitive, participative and social opportunities for people with a range of running abilities and ages.

The Association regards the safety of its events as fundamental to its activities.

The Association is committed to providing a safe environment for its members, competitors, officials and supporters, in all its activities and at various locations.

The Association recognises its responsibility to ensure that safety procedures are designed and implemented to prevent injury and ill health by:

  • Identifying risks that may have a material effect on the Association’s activities.
  • Assessing and evaluating these risks
  • Implementing risk control measures
  • Continually monitoring procedures

Our commitment to this Policy is to endeavour to ensure that the Executive, through the Secretary, Executive Officer and Chief Official:

  • Understand the provisions of the relevant health and safety and road traffic legislation, the Regulations and Codes of Practice applicable to our activities, and the application of those provisions to our events.
  • Adequately inform and instruct members of these provisions and of the risks to safety associated with the Association’s activities.
  • Adequately train marshals and other officials in appropriate safe practices and procedures.
  • Consult with, and encourage active participation of associated clubs and individual members in the prevention and resolution of safety risks.
  • Are aware that the prevention of environmental injury is a key performance indicator to the existence of the Association.
  • Allocate adequate resources to fulfil the aims of this policy.

All members of the Association are expected to fully support the Policy and to observe safe procedures to minimise risks to themselves and others in the event environment.