Annual APSOC registration

To run in the APSOC winter races, athletes must be a member of one of the affiliated clubs AND have registered for the current season with the Association.

Please note that St Kevin’s AC use the on line registration system for APSOC registration only. St Kevin’s members need to follow their club’s instructions in relation to club membership.

Athletes who have previously registered or run APSOC events

All existing APSOC athletes must now register online for each new season as a returning athlete. At the same time, you can also renew your club membership, update contact details, order a new uniform and pay all relevant fees through the online registration system.

Prior to following the registration/payment prompts, returning athletes must first update their personal details, including their date of birth. This is because your DOB will determine what registration and payment options are offered to you. For example, athletes aged under 20 are not required to pay the APSOC season fee. Your DOB will also determine your eligibility for overage competition and awards.

Athletes are also required to provide the details of a contact in case of a medical emergency (name, relationship and mobile number) and re-confirm their agreement to APSOC’s legal waiver.

New athletes

Athletes who have never registered or participated in an APSOC event must register as a new athlete. You can join a club, order a club uniform, register for the first time and pay your club subscription and APSOC season fee through the online registration system. You must enter your contact and other details, including date of birth and medical emergency contact (name, relationship, mobile number) and agree to APSOC’s legal waiver, prior to commencing registration. If you are unsure as to whether you have previously registered, please email Candice.

General instructions

Athletes must be registered before 5.00 pm Thursday to be eligible to run on the following Saturday. Most people have found the system easy to use, but if you are having trouble, here are some tips.

Athletes who are members of other non-APS athletic clubs affiliated with Athletics Victoria should check the rules regarding eligibility before they register.

Athletes who register, but miss the close-off time for a particular race, can run the race by invitation, which means they will ineligible to score individual or team points, or win handicap/placegetter awards. They will become eligible for points and awards at the next event.

All athletes should note that the shop item “APS singlet” is the singlet for APS United, not your own club’s singlet. If your club does not offer a club singlet through the online shop, you should contact your club representative to obtain a singlet.

Tips if you are having trouble registering
  • To login for the first time, enter your name, club and email address (as you don’t have a password yet). A pop-up box will show you an automatically generated password – use this to login and then update your details and change your password to something you will remember.
  • If you forget your password and click the ‘forgotten password’ link, an automatic email will be sent to the email address you have recorded in the system. If you can’t see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, please check your ‘junk’ folder.
  • PayPal is a secure payment system that gives you the option to pay with your credit card or a PayPal account. Use the same address and email as you have previously with PayPal to ensure the transaction is validated and can be processed. PayPal will confirm when the transaction is completed. If you don’t get confirmation, please try again.
  • The system has been tested with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. If you are encountering difficulties using other browsers (e.g. Safari, Firefox), you may need to update IE or download Google Chrome (free software).

If you have tried all the above and you really, really need help with the system, please email Candice.

APS United and Athletics Victoria

All APSOC athletes are invited to compete with APS United in the Athletics Victoria (AV) winter series of road and cross country events. These events are conducted on weekends when there is no APSOC competition. Members of Old Scotch and Old Melburnians must register online through the AV website. Members of Haileybury, Old Carey, Old Wesley, Old Brighton and Old Geelong must register with AV as a member of one of these two clubs. The AV registration fee is $100. Old Xaverians and St Kevin’s members should make their own arrangements, as these two clubs do not compete as part of APS United. Please note that AV registration is a wholly separate registration from the APSOC online registration. You cannot register for AV through the APSOC website.

APSOC pays APSU members’ entry fees for all AV relays (four events). Athletes can enter the remaining six individual AV events by purchasing an XCR package ($145) or entering race by race ($45 per event).