Athletes scholarship fund

Graham Wise Athletes Scholarship Fund

In 2007, following the passing of APSOC and Old Scotch legend Graham Wise, his teammate and friend Andrew Cochrane proposed the establishment of a trust fund to assist athletes within the APSOC group. It was agreed that it would be an advantage to access tax deductibility for the trust fund, as this would hopefully encourage more and larger contributions. Accordingly, it was decided to register the fund as a project with the Australian Sports Foundation’s (ASF) Sports Incentive Program. In June 2010, the ASF approved the registration of the Graham Wise Athletes Scholarship Fund project, enabling donations to the ASF in support of the project to be tax deductible.


  • Sarah Somes – APSOC President
  • Robert Wilson – OS President, past APSOC President
  • Candice Charles – APSOC Life Member
  • Mark Purvis – APSOC and OS Life Member, past APSOC President, APSU Team Manager
  • Field Rickards – APSOC Life Member and Handicapper
  • Andrew Cochrane – OS Life Member


Since its official launch at the APSOC dinner in September 2010, the Graham Wise Athletes Scholarship Fund has attracted support of towards $20,000 from individuals, clubs and APSOC raffles.


The Fund has so far made grants to athletes totalling over $10,000.

The future

The early years of the Graham Wise Athletes Scholarship Fund have shown that there is considerable goodwill within APSOC, its member clubs and individual members, which is capable of being harnessed to assist our young athletes to achieve their hopes and dreams.

APSOC athletes Anna Kasapis, James Lightfoot, Ed Beischer and Ozzie Hunter, who all demonstrated outstanding performance in APSOC and AV races, received assistance during 2018 and the Fund looks forward to making further grants during the forthcoming season.

If you wish to make a contribution to the fund, you can make a direct contribution via the online APSOC shop or via the Australian Sports Foundation online donation page. All contributions are tax deductible.

Athlete applications for funding may be made to the fund c/- Mark Purvis.