Dyson Relay winners

1 January 2017

1989-present 3.82km laps
1939-1988 4.0km laps
Open teams of 6 runners (except 1946 4 runners)
Women’s teams of 4 runners
Fastest individual time receives the Jack Newman trophy
Winning women’s team receives the Pauline Bradshaw trophy

Winning teams

2016Old Wesley1:11:44Old Xaverians58:40
2015Old Wesley1:13:03Old Xaverians56:48
2014Old Wesley1:12:02Haileybury57:54
2013Old Wesley1:12:13Old Xaverians55:29
2012Old Melburnians1:11:41Old Xaverians55:59
2011Old Xaverians1:12:58Old Xaverians56:54
2010Old Xaverians1:12:35Old Xaverians56:04
2009Old Scotch1:13:35Old Xaverians55:54
2008Old Haileybury1:12:45Old Xaverians56:34
2007Old Haileybury1:13:30Old Wesley57:23
2006Old Haileybury1:13:11Old Wesley59:09
2005Old Xaverians1:13:52Old Wesley58:38
2004Old Haileybury1:13:22Old Wesley57:43
2003Old Haileybury1:11:02Old Wesley55:49
2002Old Scotch1:10:15Old Wesley55:46
2001Old Scotch1:07:26Old Wesley56:28
2000Old Scotch1:11:13Old Xaverians62:00
1999Old Scotch1:08:28Old Haileybury58:20
1998Old Scotch1:11:07
1997Old Scotch1:11:40
1996Old Scotch1:11:23
1995St Kevin’s1:08:02
1994St Kevin’s1:10:40
1993Old Scotch1:10:35
1992Old Scotch1:08:27
1991St Kevin’s1:11:04
1990Old Scotch1:10:20
1989Old Xaverians1:10:14
1988Old Scotch1:15:55
1987St Kevin’s1:16:20
1986St Kevin’s1:16:33
1985Old Scotch1:17:12
1984Old Scotch1:15:44
1983Old Xaverians1:14:50
1982Old Xaverians1:14:39
1981Old Xaverians1:13:37
1980Old Xaverians1:15:04
1979Old Xaverians1:16:32
1978Old Xaverians1:16:53
1977Old Scotch1:16:45
1976Old Scotch1:14:57
1975Old Xaverians1:15:53
1974Old Scotch1:17:25
1973Old Scotch1:15:54
1972Old Xaverians1:16:00
1971Old Scotch1:19:21
1970Old Xaverians1:17:50
1969Old Scotch1:19:49
1968Old Melburnians1:19:34
1967Old Melburnians1:17:50
1966Old Scotch1:17:16
1965Old Scotch1:19:16
1964Old Scotch1:19:14
1963Old Melburnians1:17:10
1962Old Melburnians1:18:45
1961Old Melburnians1:18:37
1960Old Melburnians1:19:16
1959Old Scotch1:20:01
1958Old Scotch1:19:40
1957Old Melburnians1:17:30
1956Old Scotch1:19:36
1955Old Scotch1:19:42
1954Old Scotch1:21:34
1953Old Scotch1:23:12
1952Old Scotch1:24:02
1951Old Xaverians1:24:00
1950Old Xaverians1:23:43
1949Old Xaverians1:25:35
1948Old Melburnians1:25:25
1947Old Xaverians1:25:11
1946Old Xaverians59:53
1941Old XaveriansNot known
1940Old Scotch1:27:35
1939Old Xaverians1:29:25

Fastest times

2016S GuineyOH11:21S NaylorOW13:38
2015A PykeOW11:30A PatersonOX13:07
2014A RoweSK11:21S LesterOS13:44
2013H SmithersOM11:28B WilliamsOX13:15
2012M BayleyOH11:14I de CastellaOX13:45
2011S FieldSK11:34A BayleyOX12:21
2010A KruminsOS11:42H RiordanOX13:33
2009J CochraneOH11:38A WorlandOW13:12
2008M BayleyOH11:29I de CastellaOX13:19
2007D McNeillOX10:59A WorlandOW12:57
2006J MarshOX11:38A WorlandOW13:22
2005J MarshOX11:16A WorlandOW13:12
2004N AdkinOH11:23A Worland
L Nelson
2003N AdkinOH11:20A ThompsonOW12:12
2002P WilsonOS11:20A ThompsonOW12:27
2001C MackeviciusOS10:56A ThompsonOW12:18
2000P WilsonOS11:17J RowanOX13:42
1999P PatrickOS11:00A ThompsonOW13:36
1998P WilsonOS11:28C SchuwalowOS12:35
1997S AustinOS11:33I WooOX13:32
1996G LyonsOS11:29I WooOX13:23
1995R HopeSK10:51C SchuwalowOS12:26
1994D LightfootOS11:09C SchuwalowOS12:45
1993A LloydOS11:03L O’ConnellSK14:52
1992S Lewin
D Lightfoot
11:08K SmithSK15:01
1991S AustinOS10:55C CharlesOS14:31
1990S AustinOS11:09N ClarkOB14:52
1989S AustinOS11:07B WilmottOB15:32
1988J CormackOS11:43N ClarkOB15:40
1987R WhiteleySK12:16N SalthouseOB15:26
1986S BrennanOX11:49J NewmarchSK18:14
1985E WilsonOS11:45K WilsonOS20:04
1984S BrennanOX11:48P BradshawOM20:05
1983S BrennanOX11:46J AltermattOS15:29
1982N de CastellaOX11:32K WilsonOS19:25
1981N de CastellaOX11:32
1980D SneddonOX12:08
1979D SneddonOX12:17
1978D SneddonOX12:12
1977A CochraneOS11:51
1976P BruceOX11:35
1975F R de CastellaOX11:43
1974P BruceOX12:02
1973P BruceOX11:55
1972P BruceOX11:56
1971P BruceOX12:11
1970P BruceOX11:50
1969F DevlinSK12:19
1968P BruceOX12:11
1967P BruceOX12:06
1966D BradenOS12:25
1965P BruceOX11:57
1964J HuntOM11:52
1963J HuntOM11:56
1962J HuntOM12:11
1961J HuntOM12:04
1960J HuntOM12:24
1959C FindlayOS12:13
1958J HuntOM12:22
1957J HuntOM12:33
1956J WattOM12:24
1955R StuartOS12:44
1954R StuartOS12:33
1953R StuartOS12:26
1952R StuartOS12:48
1951R StuartOS12:59
1950R StuartOS13:13
1949G SicklemoreOW13:29
1948K McPhailOX13:39
1947K McPhailOX13:33
1946K McPhailOX13:42
1941Not known
1940G RamsdenOM13:01