Welcome to the new look APSOC website

24 February 2013

As you can see, the APSOC website has had a make-over. Please have a good look around, as we have added some new features.

The most important new feature is the on line registration system. Every athlete, whether a returning athlete from previous years or a new member, must register and pay their club membership fee prior to competing.

You will be able to comment on news items, current year’s results and events by clicking on the number in brackets next to the title of a post. On the first occasion, you will be asked to establish a WordPress username and password. You can then log in and add your thoughts to the discussion. It is suggested that you nominate the same password that you used when registering to compete, although this is not strictly necessary and you can use different passwords if you wish.

If you have feedback or suggestions for the new site, please contact the webmaster via the link at the bottom of the screen.