Important info from the President

21 March 2021

Welcome to season 2021!

The health and safety of the APSOC community is our highest priority in planning for our 2021 “Covid-normal’ season. For this reason we have introduced a number of important changes to our traditional event formats (the duration of these changes will depend on Government Health directions).

Health and safety

If you are unwell you must not attend our events. You must observe all relevant Government Health directions.

Physical distancing

We will minimize time spent close together by:

a. providing no communal changing facilities before or after events;

b. having a short announcement immediately prior to each event, no post race presentations or communal afternoon teas or refreshments;

c. having no registration at an event and no invitation runners – all competitors must have registered online for their season no later than 5.00pm on the Thursday preceeding their first event;

d. assembling on the start line with slower runners at the back and faster runners at the front;

e. maintaining 1.5 m physical distancing in the finish funnel.

Covid Safe Plan

You must read our plan and acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept it when registering. Read it here.

Our abilty to contact trace is critical. We will have a record of all competitors who complete the event. If you fail to complete a race or have any accompanying family members or spectators, you must enter their contact details on the Covid register at each event.

New event timing

All athletes will receive an electronic (RFID) wrist band. This will be allocated when registering and can be collected from your club representative at the event. This band is your responsibility and must be worn in all APSOC events. You will cross mats at the finish which will electronically record your time.  Please then move quickly away from the mats to minimize the risk of false readings. If you are not wearing a band, you must not cross the finish mats.

At relay events, your team will be given additional bands to be passed from runner to runner and then returned to a bucket at the finish of the last leg.

If you lose your band, a new one will be issued at a cost of $10.

Please note that your band is for use in APSOC events only and not AV events

We are hopeful that 2021 will be a complete and safe season. Obviously events beyond our control, such a sudden lockdowns, can occur and health guidelines may be less limiting as the season progresses. Please watch our website for any updates and changes to our events calendar and Covid Safe plan.

Our first event, the Jamieson at Scotch College, is on 10 April. The last day to register for that event is 8 April, but we would appreciate everyone registering for season 2021 as early as possible to assist our volunteers in bar coding the new ankle bands in good time to be ready for the event.

Sarah Somes