J.F. Lauchlan (Lauchie) Wright (1927-2020) – Life Member 1981

14 January 2017

Lauchie first competed in athletics in the Junior School at Camberwell Grammar. He later ran middle distance events at Melbourne Grammar School. He left school at the end of 1946 and briefly ran for St Stephens Harriers. He then lived in the USA and Canada for two years.

On his return, Lauchie first ran cross country for Old Melburnians in 1949. He was a leader of Old Melburnian winter activities during the early 1950’s and helped his club recover to its pre-war strength. Of moderate running ability, Lauchie’s two individual successes have been handicap wins in the 1955 Orchard Handicap and the 1969 Lodge Handicap.

He was Secretary of APSOC 1950-1952 and President 1953-1954. Always a supporter of APSOC events, he was particularly helpful in the organisation of the President’s Run at Sherbrooke Forest.

A back injury has limited his participation as a competitor since the late 1970’s, but he can be regularly seen at APSOC events dressed in his leathers and mounted on his BMW motorcycle officiating as a marshal, often at some distant point of a course. Not the least of his support for APSOC is the provision of roadside safety signage at any event on or adjacent to roads.

Lauchie maintained a close association with APSOC for 74 years prior to his passing in 2020.

Adapted from Luke Travers – Hill and Dale 1991, with additional notes from Lauchie Wright.
Colin Findlay 2014