Keith Lodge (1931-2016) – Life Member 1989

January 15, 2017

Keith’s involvement in athletics goes back to 1943 when, as a twelve year old, he represented St Kevin’s College in the Associated Catholic College Carnival. He helped the College to its first and only athletic title and in the following four seasons, he was a regular representative in 440 yards and 880 yards events. Keith won the ACC’s Open 880 yards race in 1948 in the smart time of 2:00.9 and was second in the 440 yards.

He joined St Kevin’s AAC in 1948 and, under the tutelage of the renowned athletic coach of the club, Sydney James, became an integral part of the team that in successive years was promoted from E Grade to A Grade in the VAA track and field competition. Keith was a member of winning State relay championship teams in the 4 x 110 yards and 4 x 220 yards in 1952-1953.

Keith reached his peak as a track runner around the time of the Melbourne Olympics. He was fourth in the Victorian 440 yards in 1955-1956 and was among a number of athletes permitted to train on the MCG athletic track prior to the Games. His club 440 yards record stood at 50.9 until John Higham bettered it in 1971.

Keith became involved in cross country running upon St Kevin’s admission to APSOC in 1958. He gradually built up his talents in this area and during much of the sixties and seventies was one of the club’s top three runners. He has been a remarkable athlete because even in his 40’s and 50’s he was beating home many athletes young enough to be his sons.

Along with his brother Alan, Keith promoted the 10 mile handicap race in 1961 that now bears their family name. He won the handicap race in 1964 and was a team member when St Kevin’s won the Cooke-McClelland Shield in 1969. In 1969-1970 Keith was the first St Kevin’s member to be elected President of APSOC and he served as the founding President of APS United AAC 1980-1983.

For nearly twenty years, Keith was Chief Umpire at the APS Athletics Carnival.

Keith was made a Life Member of both SKAAC and APSOC in recognition of his long service as both a competitor and administrator. Keith was a great stalwart of SKC, APSOC, APS and SKAAC activities. A true gentleman, he brought a great dignity to all that he did.

Adapted from Luke Travers – Hill and Dale 1991