Nick O’Neill (1969-) – Life Member 2023

17 February 2024

Nick has rendered outstanding service in his roles as an official and on the APSOC Executive. While still competing, he joined the Executive as an elected member in 2012, became Vice-President in 2014 and was elected President 2015 – 2016.  In 2017, Nick agreed to take on the roles of Chief Official, Keeper of the Records and Statistician. As of 2024, Nick continues to hold these roles. He has carefully researched and measured new courses, including APSOC’s new venue at Braeside Park. He has enthusiastically arranged and co-ordinated our volunteers for each event and carefully supervised marking the courses and start/finish areas, as well as transporting equipment to and from each event. He has approached his tasks at all times with good humour, a minimum of fuss and with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism, and has played a critical role in ensuring the smooth and timely conduct of each of our events, which has been greatly appreciated by our officials and competitors alike.